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Vegan Lemon Curd Cake

Spring is almost here and to celebrate I've created this delicious lemon curd cake! It is full of fresh springy flavors that really get me in the mood for warmer weather! 

Easy Vegan Biscuits

Biscuits are the ultimate comfort food for chilly winter nights! Pair them with delicious jam or a heart veggie stew and you have yourself a delicious meal! These are vegan, easy to make, and super delicious! 

Vegan Maple Banana Pecan Muffins

These muffins are to die for! They are everything one would want in a muffin and more! I don't think they lasted 24 hours in our house!

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are by far one of the best and easiest desserts or sweet treats to make in a pinch! Beloved by all, these sweet treats are vegan, dairy free and egg free!

Soft Vegan Sugar Cookies

Everyone loves a good, soft, gooey sugar cookie, complete with all the sprinkles! This recipe is a delicious, vegan version of the treat we all love! Easy to make and super yummy to eat!

Vegan Holiday Bark

Holiday Bark is the best thing to make during the holidays! It makes great gifts, delicious treats, and perfect party snacks! This recipe is VEGAN! Which makes it just that much better!

Vegan Ginger Bread

Tis the season for delicious, warm and festive treats! This Vegan Ginger Bread is the perfect treat for the holiday season!