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Vegan Holiday Bark

Holiday Bark is the best thing to make during the holidays! It makes great gifts, delicious treats, and perfect party snacks! This recipe is VEGAN! Which makes it just that much better!

Vegan Ginger Bread

Tis the season for delicious, warm and festive treats! This Vegan Ginger Bread is the perfect treat for the holiday season!

My 1st Full Marathon - Vegan Runner

Running my first marathon was the most amazing and brutal experiences of my life! I loved it and hated it and cannot wait to do it again!

Vegan Green Chile and Potato Soup

On chilly fall and winter nights, the best thing for dinner is a piping hot bowl of soup. This Green Chile and Potato soup is the perfect balance of flavors and is sure to warm you up, no matter how cold it is outside!

Vegan Apple Pie Crescent Rolls

Sometimes, you just need a super quick, yet delicious dessert to serve to unexpected company, or to satisfy a sudden craving. These Vegan Apple Pie Crescent Rolls are the perfect thing to bake in a hurry but still are delicious!

10 Essential Vegan Fall Recipes

Fall is a time of family, thanksgiving and ( most importantly) FOOD! Over the years, I have gathered quite a few delicious and vegan fall-inspired recipes! Here is a collection of my favorites, perfect for Thanksgiving, fall-parties, or simple family dinners!

Sugar and Spice Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween was this week and that means lots of leftover pumpkin 'guts', leftover from jack o'lantern carving. Instead of throwing away those seeds, turn them into a delicious and healthy snack for everyone to enjoy?